Dan C. Parkes


Dan, affectionately known as Panda, is an Audio Programmer, Sound Designer and Composer who's been in the videogames industry since he graduated from Warwick University in 2013. He's worked on everything from small indie titles to AAA games, shipping to mobile, consoles, PC and VR.

His speciality is on improving tools and workflow: to make the creative process as easy and frictionless as possible. Combining a mathematical background and an interest in data, Dan approaches programming as a designer, with an eye to make the solution to a problem elegant and futureproof.

As well as his technical competency, Dan is an accomplished musician. He picked up the trombone when he was 8 and has had a strong musical upbringing. He's led multiple groups including a Jazz Quintet at secondary school, the Warwick University Big Band and his function band Funk Education. Now, he writes and composes music in his spare time and released his debut EP "Release Me" in 2017.


Email: hello@dancparkes.com

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