I was a Beatmapper on Beatstar, a role that required both Level and Sound Design. We would take the original master of a song, condense it down to around 2 minutes and then, using MIDI, map out the gameplay.

A key tenet of the game's design is that, over the course of the 2 minutes, the difficulty of the map increases which was easier to do for some songs than others! We would often go back to the edit of the song and choose different sections to help get the difficulty curve right.

After 6 months at Space Ape working on Beatstar, I made the difficult decision to move on. Beatstar was an absolute joy to work on and I'm so proud of that team and I do miss making those maps with my fellow Beatmappers.

In a remarkable chain of events, whilst working on Fall Guys, Space Ape and Mediatonic brought the Fall Guys Theme to Beatstar, which was a truly special moment.


Selected Works

BeatstarSound Design

Bubbles The CatComposer


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